Literature review #4

Even more U.S. foreign policy stuff for your pleasure. Text                 : Constructing 21st Century U.S. Foreign Policy Author(s)       : Karl K. Schonberg Year                : 2009 Summary: The book consists of an introduction, five chapters and a conclusion. The introduction of the book states Schonberg’s main thesis: “that foreign policy in the administration of […]

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Literature Review #3

More U.S. foreign policy stuff. Text                 : Ideology and Intervention Author(s)       : David Sylvan, Stephen Majeski Year                : 2008 Summary: The article is comprised of two parts, the first part of which is entitled “the received definition of ideology: the mapping problem” while the second is entitled “policy instruments: ideology as organisational and […]

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Literature Review #2

After a long hiatus. Here is Review 2. It’s much longer and more in depth. Text                 : Ideology and U.S. Foreign Policy Author(s)       : Michael H. Hunt Year                : 1987 Summary: The book consists of a preface, six chapters and an afterword. Chapter one of the book is concerned by the meaning of ideology […]

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Opening #1

I rewrote an earlier opening scene in the style of the bit you read Deniz. Honestly, it had a bit more weight to it previously but I guess when you focus so much on the internal experience of the character it does inevitably become pathetic and comedic to some degree. An eerie sense of melancholy […]

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