A brief introduction and welcome for the wayward wondering reader

Beyler, folks, amis,

Welcome to Pens, Picks and Paper. I’m writing this post as an introduction setting down the themes and purpose of the website, both for our personal reference as well as for anybody who may happen upon the website and take an interest.

The primary purpose of the website is to share our creative works with each other as well as with any potential reader. I’m still fuzzy on whether I should address the co-authors directly or write in a third person while writing, hence this strange semi-conversational register. The topic of the creative works is free, it can include anything from fiction to academic work/ideas, opinion pieces, various forms of media (audio mostly probably but why not anything else). The commenting option will also allow us to bounce ideas off of each other.

So feel free to write whatever you like, in whatever language you like or to respond to other published works. The real purpose of this message was just to get the ball rolling. We definitely need to figure out whether the purpose of the website also contains an outright public element, writing as if we are addressing a public in which case maybe an introduction of the authors will be required. I don’t know, to be determined, discuss in comments.

– Deniz